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Item 100 - ACTION - CrMo Hammer

Art.100 – ACTION Hammer



Brand new speleo hammer, extremely powerful and functional, with attractive design.

It has TWO EX 13 keys: one, usual, on the end of the handle and one, absolute novelty in hammers of this kind, set on the beak of the swinging mass.

With this hammer you can make specific clamps, such as screwing a nut or a screw of the Anellox.

The handle’s base is fitted with a hex socket (size 13) and houses an innovative small spring-operated ejector piston for removing mud.

Rubber handle on stainless steel tube with cord diam.3 mm, 1.5 m long.


Technical specifications

Head: Chromium-molybdenum steel head, protected by chemical nickel plating.

Handle: 2mm thick polished stainless steel Aisi 304 sleeve. Fixed to the head with a 5mm-diameter stainless steel pin to prevent detachment or loosening.

Ejector Piston: aluminium.

Grip: Black abrasion resistant rubber. Does not react to temperature changes. Non-slip with a satin finish and ergonomic grip.

Recommended use: Designed for removing small obstructions and general anchor-building.


Weight: 600 grams

Length: 26 cm

WEIGHT 620 g

Reference categories for this product
[ caving ]
[ mountaineering ]
[ canyoning ]
[ climbing ]


Art. 605 - bussola/adattatore per martello Action
Item 605
Adaptor for Hammer Action Art. 100

27 g



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Item 101
Stainless Steel "STROKER" Bolt Driver

280 g



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